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Sunday, April 16, 2017 - The City of Edmonton's LRT Lines Project Information - Kelly Grant at MaxWell Realty

The City of Edmonton since 2009 has been carrying forth its implementation of the LRT Network Plan. Open the link below for information on the City of Edmonton's upcoming Valley LRT Line including stops; interchanges; bridges; stations; crossings; schematics; schedules; budgets; and LRT Network Plan (Overall Map):

City of Edmonton - Valley LRT Line (Southeast to West) - Information Booklet


Also: see below for additional project information on the future Metro and Capital LRT Lines:

City of Edmonton - Metro LRT Line (North LRT to NAIT) - Further Information

City of Edmonton - Metro LRT Line (NAIT to North City Limits) - Further Information

City of Edmonton - Capital LRT Line (Clareview to Gorman) - Further Information


There will be several positive impacts from the new LRT lines: (a). Faster commute from outlying areas (including St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Spruce Grove, etc.) to the Downtown core; (b). Future expansion potential to areas South of the Anthony Henday Drive and to the International Airport; (c). Economic impact to construction and engineering companies, suppliers, superintendents, foremen, and tradesmen in these industries; (d). Net environmental benefits of the LRT with reduced vehicle traffic / smog; (e). Reduction in Downtown vehicle and parking congestion; (f). Fewer vehicles on the roads everywhere allowing for shorter commute times for vehicles and buses; and (g). Improved property value for those properties within walking distance of LRT stations excluding those right beside tracks. 

There will also be several negative impacts from the new LRT lines: (a). Impact on vehicle traffic (including buses) stopping and waiting at LRT crossings and during the years of construction; (b). Some properties along the proposed line would be expropriated (bought up) and demolished as required at the City’s discretion; (c). Many properties will experience noise impacts from the LRT and crossings and extensive foundation / structural damage from the several years of construction; (d). Properties along the track or very close to the track not within a short distance to an LRT station will likely experience a reduction in property value as Buyers may prefer properties that are not disrupted by the LRT noise; (e). Current higher-value Downtown properties will be negatively affected by dropping property values because people working Downtown can easily get Downtown by living in other areas of the City which (along with the rapid rate of expansion and new construction of high-rise residential condo and rental apartment buildings) means the demand for existing Downtown and Oliver properties will likely reduce; and (f). At a price tag of over $1.8B for the Valley LRT line alone, it is clear that municipal, provincial, and federal taxpayers are unfortunately saddled with paying the lion's share of this infrastructure project for many years to come. 

Any property owners situated close (i.e. within a block) of the proposed track concerned about reduction in property value; damage to their foundation from construction; and / or expropriation of their property; are advised to (a). consult a lawyer for legal advice and options; (b). expose the entire foundation and hire a foundation specialist and / or structural engineering firm to evaluate, assess, and take photographs of the foundation before; during; and after construction of the LRT line is complete; and (c). consider the net benefits of potentially selling now rather than waiting until construction begins. Conversely investment Buyers wanting to cash in on properties close (i.e. but not right within one block beside the track) to future LRT hubs should consider the net benefits of buying now before prices start moving up too high.

In summary, it is expected to take several years before the expropriation, design, construction, and operation / maintenance phases are complete for the entire LRT network. For more information and future updates, visit the City of Edmonton website at .


[Article written ©2017 and ©2009 by Kelly Grant, M.Eng., ABR, NCSO, P.Eng. - REALTOR® at MaxWell Realty in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada]

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